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Joining IHP and benefiting from our new practice is convenient and easy:


  1. You may stop by our office during normal office hours and we can personally assist you in signing up.
  2. You may also click on the "becoming a member” link that walks you through the process.


It is important to emphasize that the annual fee and membership is for non-insurance covered services. You will still need to retain your health insurance for professional services delivered by my practice, and we will continue to participate with most health insurance plans as your primary care physician.


For those of you who are hesitant to try this innovative model of care, because of the fee or otherwise, please give this opportunity careful thought. I sincerely believe that because of the new environment this model affords, the integration of your primary care/preventive medicine needs will be unmatched by any other practice. I encourage you to respond quickly as we expect to fill our membership very quickly. If you simply do not wish to pay more to get more, I understand. We will do everything possible to make your transition to another practice as smooth as possible. If you change your mind after trying another conventional practice, please do not hesitate to call us – we would love to have you!

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