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As you may know the current state of health care has created a reality where doctors are expected to see more patients in less time, and teams of nurse practitioners, physicians' assistants, and other providers are taking joint responsibility with doctors for patient care. While this evolving model has many strengths and benefits, I prefer working within a model of care that is more in sync with the village Chinese healer: patients paid monthly fees for prevention, and for direct attention and whole lot of time. In that tradition we have decided to develop a “membership” practice through my new model Integrative Health Partnership, LLC.


Why we have gone in this direction?  I have always believed that good medicine takes time.  Really listening to people to get the right diagnosis and the best treatment plan takes longer than is currently allowed by the current medical system. I also believe in a strong doctor/patient relationship, which is the cornerstone of traditional medical care.  IHP will create an environment that focuses on the needs of the individual patient, continues my strong belief in the importance of being a patient advocate, and reflects my investment in the best possible outcome for the patient.


In order to take my practice to this next level of primary care excellence, I have limited the practice to approximately 400 patients. I devote more time to each patient and offer same day appointments to everyone in my practice. For those of you who decide to become IHP members, expect new levels of personalized medicine with a holistic focus on prevention. This model has been shown to reduce urgent care and emergency room use up to 40%. If you need to be hospitalized, I will be intimately involved with coordinating your care, and there should be no one who knows your complete health history better than I do.

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